Roving Cove Magnetic Lock First Look, Review, and Installation

Roving Cove Magnetic Lock Review
I recently needed to baby-proof my lower cabinets so I purchased Roving Cove's magnetic locks. In this video post, I unbox the locks, provide first impressions, and conduct an initial review. These locks were my top pick for baby proofing,  jewelry drawers, and other cabinets where a little extra security layer is needed...find out why.

Best Baby Gate for Stairs

Best Baby Gate For Stairs

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate (SS-30)

After careful research through price and feature shopping online, reading purchaser feedback, perusing manufacturers' websites, watching Youtube videos, and visiting baby stores to physically see products, I selected Cardinal Gate's Stairway Special Safety Gate for both my top of stair and my bottom of stair baby / dog gate.  I purchased and installed 2 of these gates which now have been in place for several months so this review includes real life testing with twin babies and a 65 lb German Shorthaired Pointer. 

How I am Getting Ahead of Paying for My Kids' College Expenses

How I am Saving for My Kid's College
I just had twins! Now what?  Of course...start saving for college.  Saving for college is not the first thing I want to think of right after having my sweet little babies.  After all I just want to spend my time focusing on and enjoying this precious stage of their lives.  Not to mention I still have baby related medical expenses and I feel like I should have majority ownership in Pampers through my stock of diapers.  I'm not really thinking about 18 years in the future when they will officially attend their first frat party.