How I Permanently Freed up Space on my iPhone Using the Synology DS218+ NAS

How I Permanently Freed up Space on my iPhone
Running out of iPhone space is an issue that plagues the best of us.  It's really a terrible first world problem that is extremely disturbing.  Every time this message pops-up reminding me I don't have enough space, I feel just a little bit of anxiety.  In all seriousness, getting out of this situation is not as simple or free as one may expect and is very frustrating.  In this post provide the answer for how to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Mortgage Shopping Tips and How I Got the Lowest Rate

Mortgage Shopping Tips and How I Got the Lowest Rate
I recently purchased my first house and took out a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.  The process was intense, confusing, sometimes sleazy, effort intensive, and eye opening.  I learned a lot about the process and wanted to share a few things to help you.  I am confident I received one of the best and overall packages possible.  In this article I will share with you tips, how I got the best rate possible, and other information to inform you on making the best decision for yourself.

Why I Only Run in Wool Running Socks

Why I Only Run In Wool Running Socks
Wool socks are amazing for running, including in hot weather, and should be part of every runner's toolkit... even for casual runners. This basic pair of clothing can be a game changer for many as they provide a significant performance boost over other socks and remove real distractions. Socks that are made of wool and purpose fit for running - especially in hot weather -- are totally misunderstood and undervalued. In this article I will dispel the many misunderstandings, chat about why wool running socks are great, and provide recommendations based on personal use.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica - Stop Calling it a Data Breach!

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica - was it really a data breach?

Was there really a breach of Facebook data, an abuse of Facebook data extracted according to policy, or something else?   The truth is that Facebook was not breached and that there is a gross misunderstanding by the general public due to poor and inflammatory media coverage of what happened here.  In this article I will clear the air on what happened, provide illustrations for easy understanding, and go in to who is really accountable. 

How I am Getting Ahead of Paying for My Kids' College Expenses

How I am Saving for My Kid's College
I just had twins! Now what?  Of course...start saving for college.  Saving for college is not the first thing I want to think of right after having my sweet little babies.  After all I just want to spend my time focusing on and enjoying this precious stage of their lives.  Not to mention I still have baby related medical expenses and I feel like I should have majority ownership in Pampers through my stock of diapers.  I'm not really thinking about 18 years in the future when they will officially attend their first frat party.

How I Saved Thousands of Dollars on My Car Lease

Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Car Lease

I have reverse engineered the car lease so I could get an unbelievable deal and thought it could help you too.   The key for me to go in to the dealership and come out confident is to know what I am doing.  Below I will tell you what to focus on and what not to when negotiating.   I will also explain the dizzying array of car lease cost components.  This knowledge enabled me portray confidence when discussing with the dealer, helping me to get a great deal.  It also avoided that I am getting hoodwinked when looking under the hood feeling.  Saving thousands is as easy as knowing the